13-April-201212:00AIMSProf. Tarun SouradeepChallenging the Isotropic Cosmos
Leslie Social Sciences Building
Room 1E
Dr Ben HoyleThe cosmological implication of high-redshift, massive galaxy clusters
04-Jul-201112:00AIMSProf. Martin Kunz \br (University of Geneva)Observing the Darkness
RW James C
Gary Hill
(McDonald Observatory)
Wide Field Spectroscopic Surveys in the Era of HETDEX and SKA
School of Public Health
Lecture Hall 1H
Kavilan Moodley
Detecting lensing of the CMB with the Atacama Cosmology Telescope
19-Apr-201112:00SAAO AuditoriumMarcel Ag├╝eros
Columbia University
The Factory & The Beehive: Stellar Rotations at 600 Myr
30-Mar-201112:00Main lecture theatre at AIMSRoberto Trotta
Imperial College
Recent advances in cosmological model building
01-Feb-201112:00Rm M302,
Mathematics Dept, UCT
Dr Martin Hendry,
University of Glasgow
Multimessenger Astronomy with the Einstein Telescope