Jarita Holbrook

Associate Professor of Physics

Dr. Holbrook uses interview based inquiry to collect data on a variety of topics within Cultural Astronomy. She did research among sailors and navigators to identify modern day uses of the stars for ocean navigation which resulted in the book “Following the Stars” to be published by USP Press. Her research on the national astrophysics education program revealed strategies on how to successfully educate underserved populations. Currently, she is researching practices of inclusion and exclusion through analyzing socioeconomic class, gender, and ethnicity among database driven astrophysics collaborations.


Dr. Holbrook’s research is of interest beyond the Cultural Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Academic community; thus, she has several media projects designed to reach the general public including films and videos. An overview of these projects can be found at jaritaholbrook.com. She has hosted several episodes of Open Studio on Cape Town TV focused on “Opportunities in Astronomy in Cape Town.” Her video blog, “Astronomy in Cape Town” can be found on her YouTube channel.

J C Holbrook

Prof Jarita Holbrook