UWC Astro Group at the UWC Open Day

Posted on 05 May 2017
Are you interested in space, galaxies, or questions about how the universe came to exist? Do the mysteries of black holes, dark matter and dark energy intrigue you? Then come and visit the UWC Astrophysics group at the UWC Open Day on Saturday 6th May to find out more about joining us

UWC scholar gives lecture at prestigious Kavli Symposium

Posted on 17 Oct 2016
UWC scholar gives lecture at prestigious Kavli Symposium Professor Mario Santos, director of the UWC/DST Centre for Radio Cosmology in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, presented a lecture at the recent Kavli Prize Symposium in Astrophysics in Oslo, Norway. The Kavli Prize is v

UWC Shines Brightest Of All In Physical Science

Posted on 17 Oct 2016
UWC shines in global assessment of Physical Science: From humble origins to one of Africa’s best universities African universities are rising players in global higher education rankings, despite their difficulties – and the University of the Western Cape (UWC) is one of the continent’

A beacon in the bush becomes an astronomy powerhouse

Posted on 17 Oct 2016
South Africa’s University of the Western Cape has exceeded expectations. 13 October 2016 Linda Nordling Afripics / Alamy Stock Photo The architects of South Africa’s apartheid regime never meant for the University of the Western Cape (UWC) on the outskirts of Cape Town to excel at any

Partial Solar Eclipse on 1st September

Posted on 15 Aug 2016
Come see a partial eclipse of the Sun on Thursday 1st September. Starting from 9.30am, we will be projecting it through a telescope outside the main hall at UWC.

CompaCT: Comparison Cape Town

Posted on 14 Jul 2016
The 3rd in the series of nIFTy Cluster Comparison workshops is currently being held at the Centre for High Performance Computing in Cape Town. The Cluster Comparison project aims to compare various cutting edge Hydro-dynamical codes and has already resulted in 5 publications with a fe

MeerKAT produces its first remarkable image

Posted on 24 May 2016
More than 100 researchers and students from South Africa and around the world are meeting this week to share plans to use the MeerKAT radio telescope. The MeerKAT Science Workshop will be held at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study facility on 25-27 May 2016. As the conferen

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2016

Posted on 11 May 2016
This year the Nobel Laureate Meeting will take place in Lindau, Germany with one of our esteemed department members to be in attendance. Siyambonga Matshawule has been selected to attend the prestigious meeting. Its aim is to give STEM academics at undergraduate, postgraduate and post

Night Sky Viewing: 9th of May

Posted on 14 Apr 2016
Thanks to all those who joined for last night’s star-gazing The next sky viewing session will be on the 9th of May for the Transit of Mercury. 12.30 pm onwards.

Astronomers in South Africa discover mysterious alignment of black holes

Posted on 13 Apr 2016
Deep radio imaging by researchers in the University of Cape Town and the University of the Western Cape has revealed that supermassive black holes in 64 galaxies are all spinning out radio jets in the same direction – most likely a result of primordial mass fluctuations in the early u

SKA funded undergraduate bursaries available to UWC students

Posted on 08 Feb 2016
To the attention of 1st and 2nd year students in Physics and Computer Science: The SKA, in partnership with UWC, are now offering a total of 4 scholarships to the value of 113 000 ZAR per student per year. This is targeted to students with excellent academic performance and registered

New Centre for Radio Cosmology at UWC

Posted on 03 Feb 2016
The Astrophysics group is pleased to announce the creation of a new research centre – Centre for Radio Cosmology (CRC) funded by the South African SKA Project. The centre, lead by prof. Mario Santos, aims to fully exploit the use of the next generation of radio telescopes for me

CompaCT (Comparison Cape Town)

Posted on 02 Dec 2015
First Announcement: CompaCT (Comparison Cape Town) 11- 15 July 2016 UWC/CHPC Cape Town, South Africa Conference website: We have received a large amount of interest and thus are pleased to announce the Comparison Cape Town meeting to be held at the Centre for

International Young Astronomers School on Large Ground-based 21st Century Radio Instruments: ALMA/NOEMA – SKA/LOFAR/NenuFAR

Posted on 04 Nov 2015
From November 16th to November 20th 2015, young astronomers from all over the world will meet in Sèvres under Paris to hear about exciting developments in the world of radio astronomy. The school will focus on all major large ground based radio observational facilities working in the

Former UWC Postdoc in Nature

Posted on 27 Sep 2015
Robert Thompson, a former post-doc of Romeel Davé, has co-authored a recent publication in Nature [1]. While still bearing an affiliation to UWC, he co-authored the paper which takes a look at the formation of submillimetre galaxies which are the most rapidly star forming galaxies in