Scientists from South Africa are playing a leading role in developing the Square Kilometre Array. The SKA telescope, to be built part in South Africa, will allow scientists to look far back into the history of the universe. It will give much more detail than before on how the universe has evolved over the 14 thousand million years of its existence. This international scientific experiment will dramatically extend our knowledge on how stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies formed and how they have changed since the Universe was young. It will also help shed further light on exciting questions such as: “Is Einstein’s theory of gravity complete?” and “How did life start in the universe?”

Could you see yourself being part of this, the biggest science endeavour in astronomy ever?

If so, then why not apply for a SKA funded undergraduate scholarship? The SKA, in partnership with UWC, are offering scholarships to the value of 95 000 ZAR per student per year majoring in Physics and Mathematics at 1st, 2nd 3rd year and Honours level.

Bursaries are targeted at students who obtained more than 60 % in Physical Science and Mathematics in Matric (for 1st years) or 60% in Physics and Mathematics in your previous undergraduate year (2nd and 3rd years). In particular, students from a previously disadvantaged background are encouraged to apply. Priority will be given to high-school/first year students, but other years will be considered. For more information please contact Prof. Mario Santos. Selection usually happens in December/January but we welcome applications all year.