UWC External Seminars 2012-2013

26th October 2013SAAO - Cape TownDr Matt PrescottMapping the Universe with Redshift Surveys
September 2013UWC/UCT Workshop on GR in CosmologyDidam DuniyaThe relativistic density perturbation
3/10/2013UWC/UCT Workshop on GR in CosmologyProfessor Roy MaartensGENERAL RELATIVITY IN GALAXY SURVEYS
September 2013SKA/EUCLID ConferenceProfessor Mario SantosCosmology on Ultra-Large Scales
18/09/2013SKA /EUCLID MeetingDr Matt Prescott325-MHz Radio Luminosity Functions from GAMA/GMRT
September 2013Liverpool GAMA Meeting Dr Matt Prescott325 MHz Radio Luminosity Functions from GAMA/GMRT
03/08/13SA National Science Week Public Talk - UWCProfessor Roy MaartensThe SKA and The Accelerating Universe
02/08/13 SA Astronomy Town Meeting at iThemba LabsProfessor Roy MaartensCOSMOLOGY ON VERY LARGE SCALES WITH FUTURE GALAXY SURVEYS
19/06/13Royal Society of SA Public Lecture -SAAOProfessor Roy MaartensThe SKA and The Accelerating Universe
04/06/13"Cosmic Flows", Marseille FranceDr Russell JohnstonReconstructing gravity beyond the local universe with peculiar velocities
07/05/13ICG, University of PortsmouthRussell JohnstonReconstructing gravity with peculiar velocities
07/05/13ICG, University of PortsmouthRussell JohnstonAstronomy in South Africa
13/02/13Western Province Cricket ClubDr Stephen FineThe Square Kilometre Array
15/12/12CHPCAndo RatsimbazafyThe Clustering of Radio Galaxies
06/12/12CHPC Conference - ICC Durban, SADidam Gwazah Adams DuniyaRelativistic corrections to the power spectrum with quintessence dark energy
30/11/12SKA Bursary Conference, Stellenbosch, SA Ando Ratsimbazafy Age - Dating Luminous Red Galaxies
30/11/12SKA Bursary Conference, Stellenbosch SADr Matt PrescottThe Red Fraction of Satellite Galaxies in the GAMA Survey
29/11/12SKA Bursary Conference, Stellenbosch, SADr Mattia VaccariThe VST SUDARE/VOICE Survey : The Deaths of Stars & The Lives of Galaxies
29/11/12SKA Bursary Conference, StellenboschDr Jon ZwartThe Star Formation History of Mass-Selected galaxies in the VIDEO Survey
28/11/12SKA Bursary Conference - Stellenbosch SADr Russell JohnstonReconstructing Gravity Beyond the Local Universe
28/11/12SKA Bursary Conference - Stellenbosch SA Dr Mathew SmithImproving the Cosmological Standard Candle with WL Measurements
28/11/12SKA Bursary Conference, Stellenbosch, SADr Daniele BertaccaGeneral relativistic corrections to wide angle redshift distortions in HI surveys
28/11/12SKA Bursary conference, Stellenbosch, SADr Stephen FineQuasars and
05/11/12MeerKAT Office, Cape Town, SADr Mattia VaccariMeerKAT MIGHTEE Survey Ancillary Data Needs/Plans
18/10/12ESO Surveys Workshop 2012, Munich, GermanyDr Mattia VaccariThe SUDARE/VOICE INAF VST GT Survey : Galaxy Evolution, AGN Variability and Supernova Host Galaxies with VST
19/06/2012SKA Italy Conference 2012, Rome, ItalyDr Mattia VaccariSouth(ern) African Astrononomy On its Way Toward the SKA
16/02/12Planck Conference 2012, Bologna, ItalyDr Mattia VaccariFrom Spitzer to Herschel Extragalactic Surveys : Evolution of the Infrared Luminosity Function and of the Cosmic Star Formation Rate Density