UWC Internal Seminars 2013

25/04/141.35 Physics BuildingRoger Deane (UCT) Multiple supermassive black hole system
07/03/141.35 Physics BuildingVincent Bouillot (UCT)Cosmic Variance limited BAO from the DEUS-FUR simulation
28/02/141.35 Physics BuildingStefano Camera (CENTRA)Cosmology on Ultralarge Scales with Intensity Mapping of Neutral Hydrogen Emission - Pushing the Limits on Primordial Non-Gaussianity
14/02/141.35 Physics BuildingDavid Alonso (Oxford)Measuring the transition to homogeneity with photometric redshift surveys
07/02/141.35 Physics BuildingJoeri van Leeuwen (Astron)Latest Pulsar Results from Lofar
13/12/131.35 Physics BuildingJason Gallicchio (University of Chicago)Testing Bell’s Inequality with Cosmic Photons
06/12/131.35 Physics BuildingEnrico Olivier (UWC)Detecting planets around evolved pulsating stars using the timing method
02/12/131.35 Physics BuildingNeal Katz (University of Massachusetts)Letting the Data Speak for Themselves: What Observations Tell Us About Galaxy Formation
20/11/13The Boardroom, Life Sciences BuildingLuis Ferramacho (CENTRA)Radio Galaxies and the multi-tracer technique: pushing the limits on primordial non-Gaussianity
18/11/131.35 Physics BuildingGergo Popping (Groningen)Modeling multi-phase gas and sub-mm lines emission in galaxies
15/11/131.35 Physics BuildingValerio Ribeiro (UCT)Bipolar models of nova outbursts at radio frequencies
23/10/131.35 Physics BuildingOleg Smirnov (SKA)Dr Sidelobes: How I learned to stop worrying and love simulations
28/08/131.35 Physics BuildingPatrice OkoumaHow Flat is our Universe Really?
23/08/131.35 Physics BuildingJC MauduitThe IAU Office of Astronomy for Development
21/08/131.35 Physics BuildingJarita Holbrook (UWC) & Barbara Mashope (AISA) Indigenous Knowledge Studies
16/08/131.35 Physics BuildingMartin Kunz (AIMS & U. of Geneva)An overview of Euclid and its science goals
07/08/131.35 Physics BuildingSiyambonga MatshawuleProbing the Large Scale Structure of the Universe with Future Galaxy Surveys
26/07/131.35 Physics BuildingChris Koen (Department of Statistics)Examples of mixtures of distributions
19/07/131.35 Physics BuildingKim McAlpineThe likelihood ratio as a tool for cross-matching the SKA and Euclid
12/07/131.35 Physics BuildingStephen FineThe luminosity function and clustering of mJy radio sources at 0.1
13/03/131.35 Physics BuildingEric Wilcots and Kartik ShethIntroduction to NRAO
22/02/131.35 Physics BuildingStephen FineWhat I did for the holidays
10/11/12UWCStephen FineQuasars and